Dylans future

where i want to live
what car i want to have
what phone
what job
what tv how big it will be

I want to live in a mansion in vegas so i can go to the red carpet.
i want to have a mustangGT or a jet because they are fast .
I phone 10S because it would change so mutch.
my job will be a hockey player or fire fighter to save lives.
500 feet long LG so i can watch the leafs stanley cup win.

My speech

Hi my name is Dylan and today I will give you my expirence at the cottage. The cottage is great for all different reasons.
Now it is my favorite part of the cottage is sports. I do a lot of sports at the cottage. You can water skie, play baseball, go swimming, take a jog, golfing, soccer and my personal favorite toubing. Toubing is yourself on a toub getting pols by a boat These are all good for your DPA. I have more room at my cottage so it is easey to play sports. It’s a good thing so I can do what I missed in baseball.
My second favorite part of the cottage is outdoor activities.
I love boating and this summer I will learn how to drive the boat. I also like walking in the forest for fire wood. Once we get a lot we have a huge fire. Once we had to stand on my deck because the heat was so hot. I like riding on the ATV’s and riding in the mud. It is really fun but it takes along time when you get stuck. I like fishing in the boat. It takes a lot of pations but mostly it’s worth it. It sucks when your line gets snagged or you don’t get the fish you want. Last year I coat a 24 inch walleye and I we cooked it and the had a big brecfest.There are many life lessons at the cottage
Some life lessons is how to servive in the wild and the water. What not to touch. You should not touch bugs that you don’t know what they are of plants like poison ivie or spike plants. If you touch one it could give you a rash or worse you could get a elegiac reaction. Also it found out how to servive in the water when a bout is close and how to know what animals are witch.
We came to the last part of the speech and it is the cons about the cottage.
The cons are it gets really cold in the winter and there is no heating. The closest store is an hour away. There are many bears and plants which makes it dangerous to go on walks in the dark. I hope you injoid bye!!!!!

my favorite things to do

Mostly my favorite things to do involve sports.My favorite sport is hickey I have played for 5 years now. Last year my team won gold. This year my team won silver. I love watching hockey to. I love the leafs but a 8 game losing streak blew them out of the playoffs:( I also play baseball I play for the tigers and i love pitching. I like the jays. The jays beat Baltimore last night 11 to 3.

My Grade 4/5 concert review

Copy of IMG_2088


On Tuesday, I was excited for the concert because it was my last concert at Kindree.

On Tuesday, I liked how the audience said wow when the curtains opened because it was glowing and we spent lots of time on it.I thought that there was a lot of people there but I like it like that. I learned that if it’s black light you have to wear dark clothes. At the end of the concert my parents told me I did a great job saying my lines.